Pray for Mothers Prayer Card

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These 2.75″ x 4.25″ delightful prayer cards include a prayer for mothers on the back. They make a great handout on Mother’s Day or can be inserted into a Mother’s Day card. See product description for text.


Text on Back:

Lord God, help us to have the faith of Mary and the courage of Esther. Encourage us as we provide for our family and care for them throughout the night. Give us the grace to walk with our children daily and comfort them as they face life’s trials and tribulations. Clothe us in strength and dignity to be an example to all. Never let us forget the joyful moments of smiles and laughter with the precious gifts you have given us. Help us always to lead our children with wisdom and faith. Bless us and our children for all the days of our lives.

Proverbs 31

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