Pray for Fathers Prayer Card

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These 2.75″ x 4.25″ delightful prayer cards include a prayer for fathers on the back. They make a great handout on Father’s Day or can be inserted into a Father’s Day card. See product description for text.


Text on Back:

Lord God, teach us to be fathers as you are our father in Heaven. Help us remember the lessons of our fathers. Let our hearts be full of love and faithfulness. Let our hearts trust fully in you. Encourage us to freely give as we have received from your blessing. Help us to discipline our children in love, not to provoke anger but according to your infinite wisdom. Inspire us to delight in our children as cherished gifts you have entrusted to us. Be with us always and remind us to always be at our children’s side, in person or in spirit.

Proverbs 3

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